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Society Objective:

The objective of The Society (as stated in the Letter of Incorporation) is the furtherance of the science of well log interpretation, by:

  • Providing regular meetings with discussion of subjects relating thereto; and
  • Encouraging research and study with respect thereto

Membership Qualifications:

Active membership is open to those within the oil and gas industries whose work is primarily well log interpretation or those who have a genuine interest in formation evaluation and wish to increase their knowledge of logging methods. The CWLS fiscal year commences March 1, and all fees are due at this time.

Membership Fees:

New Members

First Year: $50 (includes first year dues and $10 initiation fee)
$40 Annual renewal thereafter.


Senior Members

Senior membership is available to current and former CWLS members who have supported this Society, through their membership, for a number of years and now may have either retired or taken a less active professional role. We would like to say thank-you for your years of service by extending you an offer of a reduced yearly fee of $20 (no re-initiation fee). We hope that you continue to remain active in the CWLS. Please contact either the office (403) 244-4487 or a member of the Executive Committee to receive assistance in updating the type of your membership.

Existing Members

Members, please your membership by selecting the appropriate options for the upcoming year.


The Society also furthers its objectives by sponsoring symposiums and exhibits.

  • Research committees encourage and support research on relevant problems.
  • The Society is the spokesman to industry and government on topics pertaining to well logging and formation evaluation.
  • The Society holds a monthly luncheon meeting (except July / August) to hear an address on a relevant topics.
  • Each active member will automatically receive the CWLS Journal, ‘InSite’ newsletter and Annual Report.

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