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To register for these events, please call the office at 403-269-9366

Call For Mentors

CWLS is looking for 10 experienced members to be part of a “Power Mentoring” event.

The event will take place before the Annual Fall Social on Thursday October 29th , 2015 from 3:30-4:30pm

As a mentor, your words will guide and inspire, making a world of difference for your mentee, wherever he or she may be.

What do mentors typically share with mentees?

  • Professional experience
  • Industry trends
  • Advice for defining and reaching goals
  • Recommendations for additional development or education
  • Guidance and early career planning

Commitment required: 1 hour of your time to speak with 10 different young professionals.

Drinks will be provided during the event and food/drinks available at the Fall Social afterward.

To volunteer please contact Tiffiny Yaxley at

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