Advances in X-Ray and Neutron Source Technologies for Logging Applications


John R. Bayless,
Craig P. Burkhart ,
Andras Kuthi,
John R. Bayless Company

SPWLA 34th Annual Logging Symposium, June 13-16, 1993



performed to develop two new radiation sources for use in logging tools: (1) an intense pulsed x-ray generator, and (2) a High Intensity Neutron Source (HINS). The x-ray source incorporates a rugged, temperature insensitive electron accelerator which operates at an energy of 1 MeV. The experimental results with a laboratory prototype version of the x-ray generator will be described. It is expected that a logging tool using this generator will be less than 10 em in diameter and be capable of logging at speeds of 30 m/minute with high precision in the density range of 1-3 g/cm’. The operating temperature range will extend to more than Experimental results with a laboratory prototype, pulsed HINS will be described. The primary benefits expected with this source design, relative to those for existing neutron generators, is higher atomic ion yields, higher average current capabilities and longer life. It is expected that 4.3 em-diameter logging tools incorporating HINS systems (including source, power supplies and controls) will be capable of generating average neutron output fluxes of >10’/sec at –14 MeV or >10’/sec at -2.5 MeV. The pulse length can range from <10 ps to >100 ps and the maximum pulse repetition rate can be extended to >20 kHz at 10% duty cycle.