An Integrated approach to Unconsolidated Sand Evaluation


H.N. Collins, Petroleum Recovery Institute

6th formation Evaluation Symposium of the
Canadian Well Logging Society in Calgary, October 24, 25 & 26, 1977



The current high level of interest in improving the recovery of heavy oil pools in Alberta calls attention to the need for improved formation evaluation in the unconsolidated sands which commonly act as reservoirs. Engineering studies involving consolidated rock units usually rely heavily on core measurements of porosity and permeability, and where core data are missing, areal and vertical coverage are extended by using logs which have been "calibrated" to the core. This approach must be modified in unconsolidated sands because of the difficulty of obtaining a core measurement under conditions truly representative of the reservoir. An attractive alternative to such core measurements is to use logs but some independent check is required to verify the log evaluation. The log and core data of two wells in east-central Alberta heavy oil pool were compared.