Formation Evaluation Contributions of The Cessford Shallow Gas Pilot


D.T. Georgi, Core Laboratories, M.P. Cullen, T.R.Buchanan, P.M. Huber, Esso Canada


Through acquisition, Esso Resources Canada Limited obtained a large holding in the southeastern Alberta Medicine Hat and Milk River shallow gas properties. Much of the acreage was underdeveloped and significant potential was thought to exist for additional development. Although individual well costs were relatively low, a large capital investment was required to develop the entire field. Because of the low-cost environment and the uncertainties in the Cessford reserve estimates and producibility, Esso assembled a multi- disciplinary team. This team initiated a pilot project to explore ways to produce the low pressure, shallow gas reserves and to fully evaluate the economics of producing these reserves. In 1990, a set of wells was proposed and drilled with oil-based mud to fulfill a variety of objectives including the determination of: saturations, and net sand thickness),