Assisted Lift Production Logging of Pumped Wells Using Coiled Tubing and Gas Lift Techniques


Gordon M. Uswak, Schlumberger,
Cameron B. Virginillo, Home Oil Co. Ltd., Canada,
David L. Ackert, Dowell Schlumberger


To record a production profile log in a well producing only on artificial lift requires special techniques. Such a well in a field under horizontal miscible flood was logged with a fullbore spinner, temperature, Gradioma- nometer,* waterholdup meter and manometer combination tool to determine a producing profile across several perforated zones. The technique employs a special coiled tubing unit with wireline cable installed and a combination production logging tool. During the actual operation the expected flow behavior was achieved with nitrogen assisted lift and the resulting flow profile log identified the zone swept by the miscible flood. The application is practical and the techniques and design approach have wider application.