Quantitative Log Evaluation of The PrAirie Evaporite Formation in Saskatchewan


E. R. Crain, W. B. Anderson

17th Annual Technical The Petroleum Society of CIM., Edmonton, May, 1966



The problem of solving for the fraction of sylvite, car- nallite, halite and insoluble material in the Prairie Eva- porite formation can be performed by a suitable inter- pretation program based on Gamma Ray, Sonic, Neutron and Caliper logs. Empirical relations were established between the log values and the formation parameters, the result being a set of four simultaneous equations which may be reduced to obtain the desired fractions. Tedious hand calculation can be eliminated by using computer techniques and automatic log digitizing machines. Correla- tion between core and log analysis is good, and the speed and efficiency of the method is valuable in initial forma- tion studies.