Regional Analysis in Exploration


Thane Minor, Riley’s DataShare International Ltd.,
Gerald E. Henderson, Scientific Software Corporation

5th Formation Evaluation
Symposium of the Canadian Well Logging Society in Calgary, May 5-7,


In 1970, Scientific Software Corporation (SSC) of Denver, Colorado, and Riley’s DataShare International Ltd. of Calgary, Alberta, recognized that for regional analysis in exploration there was no process demanding high quality digital log data for valid scientific quantitative analysis methods taking advantage of the accuracy, speed and “obedience” of high-speed computers. Fortunately, if properly utilized, these strengths can greatly aid man’s greatest weakness in accuracy, speed and obedience (consistent replication). They agreed to use their respective strengths to develop an exploration process which could successfully use digitized log data in regional analyses. Riley’s responsibility was to develop high quality digital data, while SSC assumed the task of developing analyses which could use such data and the computer’s strengths to update exploration systems.