The Cyber Service Unit: An Integrated Logging System


F.M. Eaton, J.W. Elliiott, F.D. Hurlston,
R.S. Olsen, D.J. Vanderschel, J.P. Warren,

51st Annual Technical Conference of
the SPE of AIME held in New Orleans, Louisiana, October 3-6, 1976



Wireline logging has grown up along evolutionary lines, producing a family of stand-alone logging tools which share the cable and recorder, but little else. The advantage of an integrated system of surface instrumentation built around a computer was recognized, and now such a system has been built. The CYBER SERVICE UNIT (CSU) is a complete, self-contained system for acquiring, storing, processing, and presenting well log data. Full use is made of pre-programmed machine computation for routines and tasks which previously required constant human interaction: such operations as tool calibration, operating sequences, scaling, and selection of parameters, for example.