A Combined Pulsed Neutron Experiment for Elemental Analysis of Planetary Surfaces


W. R. Mills, W. W. Givens, R. L. Caldwell,
Mobil Research and Development Corporation

Third Formation Evaluation Symposium of the Canadian
Well Logging Society in Calgary May 6-8, 1970


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An important piece of knowledge about any ex- traterrestrial body, such as the moon or Mars, is its elemental make-up. The elemental composition at a given site is related to the type of rock which is present at the site. The type of rock ex- pected to be present is dependent on the geological and geochemical processes which have occurred dur- ing the history of the body. Gross questions about a planet’s history which could be partly answered by elemental analysis deal with the relative im- portance of volcanic and meteor impact activity, the degree to which differentiation has taken place, and the role of water throughout the history.