Wettability and Capillarity in Porous Media


N.R. Morrow, N. Mungan, Petroleum
Recovery Research Institute

4th Formation Evaluation
Symposium of the Canadian Well Logging Society in Calgary, May 9-10,



Contact angle is often proposed as a quantita- tive measure of wettability. Results are presented of an investigation of the effect of contact angle on drainage and imbibition capillary pressures using a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) plug which pro- vided a system of fixed solid geometry. With air as the displacing fluid, suitable choice of pure liquids gave precise wettability control with contact angles surface. Capillary pressures for drainage were found to be fairly insensitive to contact angles in range. Once a PTFE porous plug was saturated with liquid, suction was needed for displacement of liquid