Computer Reconciliation of Sonic Log and Core analyses in The Boundary Lake Field


F. S. Jeffries, E. M.
Kenip, Imperial Oil Limited

annual meeting; and logging sym-
posium, Society of Professional
Well Log Analysts, Oklahoma City,
Oklahoma, May 22 – 24, 1953



Sonic-log transit times in the Boundary Lake carbonate can be correlated with core porosities pro- vided: a) the logs are normalized __.for sonde miscalibrations; b) the transit times are averaged from two or more log runs; c) the core depths are corrected to agree with the logged depths; d) the core- analysis quality is good. If the sonic logs are digitized at six-inch intervals they can be correlated with core porosities by regression analysis or by an independent statistical technique. Calculations are facilitated by usir.g an elec- tronic computer.