Petrophysical Evaluation of The Bluesky Sand, Bassett Area Alberta


James T. McCoy

27th Annual Technical Meeting of the
Petroleum Society of CIM and Enhanced Recovery Conference held jointly with CSPG in
Calgary June 7-11, 1976



The Lower Cretaceous Bluesky sand of the Bassett Area in northwestern Alberta produces gas from a series of structural-stratigraphic traps formed as the Bluesky sand follows the structural configura- tion of the Precretaceous unconformity. A hydrodynamic analysis of the Bluesky sand drill stem tests indicates a number of pressure systems each with a separate gas-water contact. Miami Amoco Bassett 10-16-105-1 W6 and Amoco Miami A-1 Bassen 6-12-105-1 W6 are situated in the same pressure system and are structurally above a gas-water contact. These wells have recovered significant volumes of gas upon evaluation. Can Hunter, et al, Haig 10-34-104-3 W6 is located in a separate pressure system, to the west, and is also structurally above a gas-water contact but failed to recover gas upon evaluation.