Correlating and averaging Connate Water Saturation Data; includes Water resistivities maps: Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Arctic, East Coast


R. S. Buckles, Imperial Oil Limited

16th Annual Technical Meeting, P.&N.G. Division, C.I.BI., Calgary, May, 1965



The use of simple hyperbolic relationships in correlat- ing connate water saturation data is shown to have wide application in a variety of reservoirs. This can be of con- siderable practical significance to the reservoir engineer because volumetrically weighted average saturations for any combination of core samples, reservoir strata or lease areas can be obtained directly from such correlations with a knowledge of average porosity alone. Also, in systems represented by a simple equilateral hyperbola the po- rosity-saturation product is constant and hydrocarbon volumes are conveniently derived from the difference be.