Time-Share Computer Log Analysis Some Basic Thoughts


B. M. McVicar, Allison-Marshall Development Co. Ltd



Years of strife among Batch Imperialists and Time-Share Nationalists have failed to produce clear victory for either side. Grizzled Chart Book Guerrillas snipe from all flanks and show resilience which may endure a generation or more. Modern armorers have been caught with their digital libraries down and euphoria no longer abounds. The booty of strategic inter- pretation is guarded by a near impregnable barricade of oppressive work. Yet there is hope for all. Megaton batch processing and machine digitizing can surmount these ramparts. Time-Share is emerging as an effective small arms weapon, convenient and useful both for impromptu commando skirmishes and for troop training. Chartist regulars can still shoot from the hip with impunity in zone to zone combat and for many battlefield tactical decisions.