Detailed Correlation of the ETP?-Cyberlook?with Dipmeter Computations


E.J.W. Standen,



Several aspects of apparent moved hydrocarbon inter- The EPT-Cyberlook log interprets the moved-oil potential pretation from EPT-Cyberlooks are discussed including Rw of a formation at the wellsite. Consistency from well to evaluation, viscosity changes in heavy oil, lithology, and well is generally quite good, establishing a database from grain size variations. which to guage initial production. On several wells in The EPT log was first compared to the Dipmeter data due eastern Alberta, however, increased use of the EPT tool to the similarity between EPT and Dipmeter bed resolution. to identify heavy oil moved by drilling fluids brought a With this comparison in mind, several examples are number of interpretation problems to the surface. In some provided. The reservoir moved oil potential described by cases, the same apparently clean formation would show the EPT log is correlated to the depositional environment varying amounts of moved oil from well to well. Single interpreted from Cluster and Geodip computations. Where wells with no change in shale volume of a sand would anomalies occur, either changes in Rw or oil viscosity are register obvious changes in the quantity of moved oil.