Slim Hole Dipmeter


Richard W. Wroot,
BPB Instruments Ltd

7th Formation Evaluation Symposium of the
Canadian Well Logging Society in Calgary, October 21, 22, 23 & 24, 1979



A new two inch diameter dipmeter tool has been developed primarily for use in coal, tar sands and heavy oil sands explor ation or for any slim hole environment down to a diameter of three inches. The tool is in two sections, a lower section being a three arm micro focussed resistiv- ity measuring device and the top section being a magnetic orientation system which can be used separately for hole orientation surveying. Field testing has been under- way for some time and results are very encouraging showing good agreement with both core analysis and existing dipmeter survey techniques. Some problems encount- ered in making measurements in very slim holes and handling large volumes of data on a low cost basis are discussed together with their solutions and the general philosophy of slimline logging.