Petrophysical Evidence of Cementation Differences in the Cardium Sandstone


William R. Almon,
Cities Service Company

7th Formation Evaluation Symposium of the
Canadian Well Logging Society in Calgary, October 21, 22, 23 & 24, 1979



Three rock types are present in the Ricinus Cardium ‘A’ Pool, Alberta, Canada. These rock types can be defined on a petrographic basis as well as by poros- ity vs permeability crossplots, mercury injection capillary pressure curves, and gamma ray vs sonic travel time crossplots. The three rock types have distinctly different porosity-permeability relation- ships. However, plots of the permeability to porosity ratio versus the effective pore aperture radius at the 25 percent mercury saturation level indicates that two of the rock types may be closely related while the third rock type is distinct.