Formation Evaluation of The Debolt Fm. in The Sikanni/Grassy Area of N.E.B.C.


D.V. Allanl, D.G. Tiveyl, A.K. Laflammel, Husky Oil Operations Ltd, D.R Clenchy, Alberta Energy Company


D.V. Allanl, D.G. Tiveyl, A.K. Laflammel, and D.R. Clenchy2 1 Husky Oil Operations Ltd 2 Alberta Energy Company Husky Oil recently undertook an extensive study of Foothills Gas Reservoirs of the Mississippian Debolt Formation in the Sikanni/Grassy area of N.E. B.C. The reservoirs were heavily fractured, pervasively dolomitized, and had low average porosity values ranging between 1.5% and 5%. The study focused on refining the petrophysical analysis of one specific well. The refinement of the analysis was achieved by utilizing cores and drilling samples from these wells and similar data from the surrounding area.