A New Production Logging tool for Determining Hydrocarbon / Water Holdups


Allen Young, Scot A Johnson, Computalog


Multi component flows tend to segregate in deviated and hor- izontal wells, making the interpretation of their production logs dif- ficult. Logging tools that measure only on-axis are ill suited to accu rately measuring flow components that are not axially symmetric. To address this problem of flow geometry, the Fluid Profiling Tool (FPT) can sense fluids not only at the wellbore center, but at any other point as well. The tool is implemented to be compatible with the ty sensors that can be moved to any polar position within a plane normal to the tool axis, a conductivity map of the flow stream can be generated. Shown in Fig. z, the tool is currently i lYr6 inches in diam- eter, and when possible uses an optional body centralizer of z-V8 inch- es (collapsed) diameter. The tool consists of a lower caliper section containing the sensors, and an upper sub which rotates the caliper section below. The lower section housing freely rotates within the body centralizer collars. Centralizers above the rotator are locked and immobilize tools above the caliper section.