Completion and Evaluation of Cased Horizontal Wells


S.E. Robertshaw, Mobil Canada, S.C. Peach, R.E. Jensen, Schlumberger


Horizontal well completion and evaluation techniques have been successfully developed. New technologies addressing well desi~m, formation, cement and production evaluation, and perforating of horizontal wells are being implemented. This paper reviews the utilization and engi- neered integration ol’ thc,e technologies. A commentary on each includes specific technical and procedural consid- erations with references to a recent cased horizontal completion, Mobil Rainbow 1-14KR-I 10-6W6_ presented. Technical considerations with supporting log examples demonstrate the utilization and integration of these technologies used to maximize the objectives of horizontal wells. These objectives typically include miai- mizing drawdown, avoiding high risk intervals, selective completion, and optimizing ultimate productivity and eco- nornic recovery.