Crain’s On-Demand Courses

What Is Integrated Petrophysics?

What CEO’s, Investors, New Hires, and Old Timers Need to Know About Well Logs, Petrophysics, and the Bottom Line.

E. R. (Ross) Crain, P.Eng.

Overview (General Petrophysics)
How Logs Work – Resistivity, SP, GR, TDT (General Petrophysics)
How Logs Work – Porosity / Lithology (General Petrophysics)
How the Log Response Equation Works (General Petrophysics)
Using Crain’s Rules for Visual Log Analysis (General Petrophysics)
Practical Quantitative Log Analysis (General Petrophysics)
Integrate Ground Truth With Log Analysis (General Petrophysics)
Log Analysis Methods Solve for Lithology (General Petrophysics)
Using Alternate Porosity and RW Models (General Petrophysics)
How to Analyze Gas Sands (General Petrophysics)
How to Analyze Radioactive Sands (General Petrophysics)
How to Analyze Fractured Reservoirs (General Petrophysics)
How to Analyze Carbonate Reservoirs (General Petrophysics)
Analysis of Rock Mechanical Properties (Geomechanics)
Analyze Fracture Pressure, Closure Stress (Geomechanics)
How To Analyze Ancient Logs (General Petrophysics)
How to Handle Russian-Style Logs (General Petrophysics)
Finding Dip With Dipmeters and Image Logs (Geology)
Analysis of Structure Using Dip Data (Geology)
Analysis of Stratigraphy Using Dip Data (Geology)
How Logs Support Seismic Petrophysics (Geophysics)
How To Edit Logs For Seismic Modeling (Geophysics)
From Logs to Synthetic Seismic Sections (Geophysics)
Seismic Inversion, Attributes, VSP, AVO (Geophysics)
How to Analyze Cement Integrity Logs (Wellbore IntegrityEngineering)
How to Analyze Pipe Integrity Logs (Wellbore IntegrityEngineering)
Analyze Total Organic Carbon (TOC) (Unconventionals)
Analyze Coal and Coal Bed Methane (CBM) (Unconventionals)
How To Analyze Shale Gas Reservoirs (Unconventionals)
Analyze Tight Oil / Shale Oil Reservoirs (Unconventionals)
How To Analyze Tight Gas Reservoirs (Unconventionals)
How To Analyze Bitumen Bearing Oil Sands (Unconventionals)
How To Analyze Laminated Sands (General Petrophysics)
Analyze Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks (General PetrophysicsUnconventional)
Assessing Geothermal Reservoirs (Geothermal)
Find and Analyze Gas Hydrates (Unconventionals)
Find and Analyze Economic Potash Beds (Unconventionals)

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Part of CWLS’s mission is education and the value of thorough competent integrated Petrophysical evaluation. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Ross Crain to showcase a series of on-demand lectures and presentations. The goal is to educate management, shareholders, geoscientists, engineers, and students across the Oil and Gas industry on the value and power of Petrophysics and formation evaluation. The CWLS is very grateful and thanks Ross Crain for his continued support of the society and dedication to continuing education and the discipline of petrophysics.

This will be a feature offered to members and members of our affiliate societies; SPWLA, CSPG, CSEG. (please contact your society and to attain access)

To further achieve this mission, the CWLS website would like to offer additional on-demand video presentations and courses from interested service companies, oil/gas companies, and consultants. Please contact us at to share your content and insight and add value to our technical communities.