Geological Evaluation of a Single Well from Cores and Logs Faja Petrolifera Del Orinoco, Eastern Venezuela


Gordon Pirie,
Schlumberger-Doll Research


This study of the Maraven SDZ-86X well is the result of an agreement with INTEVEP, Maraven, and Schlumberger-Doll Research within the Petrophysical Program on the evaluation of the Faja Petrolifera del Orinoco in eastern Venezuela. The Maraven SDZ-86X well is located 43 km due east of Zuata and the northeast-southwest trending Zuata River which marks the border between the States of Guarico (west) and Anzoategui (east). The well was drilled to 2360 ft and whole-cored from 1536 to 2232 ft with a recovery of 87% and penetrated the Upper Tertiary sediments of the geologically-complex heavy oil-bearing Oficina Formation.