Volumetric Scan Well Logging


R. A. Broding, Amoco Production

SPWLA 22nd Annual Logging Symposium,
Mexico City, Mexico June 23-26, 1981



INTRODUCTION Volumetric Scanning (V.S.) of a borehole is the process of measuring the physical response of rock surrounding the borehole by scanning in the lateral, vertical, and azimuthal direction. To allow scan- ning in the above three directions, the energy source and detector must be capable of being focused or a beam formed and scanned. In our sonic scanning as many as 512 data points are sensed by scanning outward from the borehole for each of 512 horizontal scans around the borehole (one rotation) for each of 30 rotational scans per foot of borehole or a total of 8.6 million data points per foot of hole depth.