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Local SPWLA Chapter Motion

The CWLS executive, after considerable membership debate and consultation, refers the following motion to the general CWLS membership.

MOTION: The CWLS instructs the Executive Committee to pursue the association of the CWLS as a chapter of the SPWLA.

All members in good standing will receive an email before the end of February with a link to the page where you can place your vote. We urge all members to please vote on such an important matter. Please contact the CWLS by email: or phone: (403) 244-4487 should you either not receive the email or have trouble placing your vote.


We have received comments and questions from our members during the survey that was carried out online, and also in person during our technical luncheons. Consequently, we wanted to summarize the main concerns expressed by some of our members in the following frequently asked questions in order to provide more information and help clarify some of the concerns.

1. The CWLS has been in existence for many years, what will happen to the name?
The name will change to the Canadian chapter of the SPWLA.
2. If we become an SPWLA chapter, will they dictate/micromanage how the chapter runs?
We will continue to manage the day to day activities in a very similar way that we currently manage the CWLS, the local executive board will still be responsible for managing the local chapter.
3. Will the society lose the Canadian content if we become an SPWLA chapter?
No, as long as we are still able to find local volunteers to present we will always be able to manage the content of our technical luncheons.
4. Will the membership fee increase?
Yes, the yearly fee will be $100 USD, but keep in mind that there will be added benefits to our members such as access to the SWPLA webinars.
5. I am a CWLS honorary member, how will that work under the SWPLA?
The SPWLA has agreed to grandfather our current honorary members, any potential future honorary members would have to follow the criteria of the SPWLA.
6. The CWLS has endured many industry downturns, so why now become a SPWLA chapter?
Indeed, the CWLS has managed to survive previous industry downturns, but currently the CWLS is struggling to maintain its membership and our main source of revenue (GeoConvention) has significantly dropped.
7. Would we have the ability to stop being a local SPWLA chapter in the future?
Yes, if the membership approves the motion to become a local SPWLA chapter, we would negotiate a clause in the contract allowing us to cancel the agreement and return to running the CWLS independently.

The motivation behind becoming a local SPWLA chapter is not necessarily a financial one, but primarily to be part of a larger worldwide technical community with added benefits to our members, which we believe ultimately enhances the value of becoming a member. It is no secret that some of our members belong to both societies, and that our members would rather publicize their technical papers with the SPWLA.

If you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of the executive board members, or email the society at

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The CWLS (Canadian Well Logging Society) is the oldest organization devoted to log analysis, incorporated in Calgary, Canada in 1957. In that time the society has endeavoured to produce a technical journal with a Canadian slant. The CWLS is thus an appropriate place for those interested in exploring mineral resources in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, the Canadian Arctic, offshore eastern Canada and southern Ontario.

The society has great support from the petroleum industry with over 30 Corporate sponsors. The CWLS has in turn provided a great deal of support to the petroleum industry. One of our proudest achievements has been a Catalogue of Water Resistivities in sedimentary formations in Canada.

The CWLS holds a Technical Luncheon on the third Wednesday of every month (except in the Summer and February) for the benefit of those interested in log analysis and petrophysics. Notices of the topic of each luncheon are sent to members and posted on this web site.

Currently the CWLS has over 600 members including over 100 Student members from around the world. Most of the activities of the CWLS are performed by Volunteers. The society would like to thank all volunteers for their time and effort in making the CWLS a success.